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    Residential Cleaning

    Air Duct Cleaning – Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning – HVAC Sanitize

    Air Duct Sealing & Wrapping – Repair Services

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    Commercial Cleaning

    Compounding the problem are buildings which have been made air tight for the sake of energy efficiency. While no heat or cooling escapes, neither do bacteria nor other pollutants.

    While irritating fumes from copier machine liquids, carbonless paper, paint, rugs, draperies, wall paneling and cleaning solvents all contribute to poor IAQ, dirty or contaminated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a major culprit.

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    Industrial Cleaning

    We at Clear Air, Inc. use our own team of cleaning professionals. People we’ve trained to do a variety of jobs thoroughly, safely and expertly. The safety of our employees is paramount at Clear Air, Inc. and in order to maintain a healthy and safe workforce, each employee goes through an initial corporate health and safety training program followed by an annual safety review. In addition, CAI performs pre-employment and random drug testing.


Cleaning of Homes and Apartments

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Cleaning of Small and Large Business

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Cleaning of Manufacturing Companies

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Welcome to Clear Air

Welcome to CLEAR Air, Inc., servicing the Des Moines area. At CLEAR Air, it is our goal to educate our customers about healthy indoor air quality in our home or workplace.

Indoor Air recirculates throughout a home or business. If it is passing through unhealthy air ducts it can not be healthy air. While some occupants may be more sensitive to air quality, such as the young and old and those who suffer from allergies, healthy air benefits everyone. At CLEAR Air we check every aspect of the HVAC system that air passes through to assure that the system is not fouling the air you breathe. This includes cleaning the intricate pieces of the system as well as checking to assure that the system is properly sealed.

A well maintained HVAC system is not only healthier, it also has cost benefits. We understand the whole HVAC system and recognize that a few adjustments can increase the efficiency of an entire system. We will inspect the system and can recommend maintenance procedures.

Call us today at 515.963.5444 and breathe easier tomorrow.

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